Eye examinations

The refraction of the eye and the prescribing of spectacles is an art. It takes years of experience and training to perfect and is a process that cannot be rushed. As a patient of Worden Opticians your eye examination will always be performed personally by Mr Jonathan Davies – we do not employ locums or junior optometrists. The length of every appointment is also tailored to individual need. As a result of this philosophy all of our patients benefit from an absolute continuity of unrushed care – we believe this sets us apart in our field. In addition to our commitment to refractive excellence we always strive to invest in the latest technology, to which end digital retinal fundus photography is now an integral part of our standard eye examination and is provided at no extra charge. This highly specialised form of medical imaging helps in the early detection of conditions affecting both the eyes and general health, and in particular hypertension and diabetes, and allows us to record precisely your ocular health for reference to in future eye examinations.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are well established as a convenient and discrete alternative to spectacle wear. Jonathan Davies is an accomplished contact lens practitioner at the forefront of prescribing the latest products and will ensure that you are always fitted with the very best lenses for your needs. As a contact lens wearer you will then receive the regular & detailed examinations that are required to ensure the ongoing health of your eyes. We do not profess to compete with the multiples on price – what we will provide is expert, unrushed professional expertise.

Children’s eyecare

At Worden Opticians we have a real passion for children’s eyecare. Regular eye examinations are essential in ensuring a child’s normal visual development. Should significant refractive errors or squints be missed, permanently impaired vision can result. We see all children free under the NHS and recommend at the very least an annual check up until the age of 16. We have several specialist assessments to enable us to ascertain a child’s quality of vision, and should a correction be required this can be provided in the form of spectacles or increasingly contact lenses.

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