Spectacles are an investment. Most likely you will wear them everyday. They should be perfectly prescribed, accurately dispensed and ultimately enjoyed.


At Worden Opticians we specialise in brands that we are truly passionate about. We source beautifully crafted spectacle frames from some of the most innovative and exciting designers around the world.

We are not however unaware of the current financial climate and although we do not do “complete specs for £39” – you’ll find other opticians including the supermarkets who do – we do have a high quality range of more modestly priced frames to suit the vast majority of budgets and ages, the quality of which may be quite a revelation.

Our Lenses

We are a five star Essilor Varilux Consultant Practice, one of the smallest practices nationally to achieve this rating. Responsible for the creating Varilux, the world’s very first varifocal lens, Essilor are a renowned French company at the very forefront of lens design. Unless specifically requested otherwise, each and every pair of spectacles we supply will be glazed with main catalogue lenses from this market leading company. Our commitment to only use such high quality lenses ensures that all of our patients are able to experience the very best vision and comfort from the spectacles we supply.

Our range of frames includes:

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